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Distrac Group is your total supplier for care furniture. Thanks to the commitment between Distrac and Salens, Distrac Group is able to offer the best quality to its customers. The active partnerships with Tempur, Stiegelmeyer, Navailles, Burmeier and Brunner are also a crucial part of Distrac Group’s total concepts within the healthcare world.

Distrac Group’s mission is to create a complete range of optimal equipment. Innovation that actively contributes to caring for people by supporting them in the most ideal way. Care for the patient is therefore always central.

Distrac Group wants to create more homely and humane spaces where it is always pleasant to stay. A full range of optimal equipment with innovative products that support the care for people in the best possible way. The care for the patient is central.

We go back twenty years in time. Distrac Wellcare Products was born in 1993. It all started as a wholesaler in Orthopaedic products. Sales in the first years consisted of materials, orthoses and protheses. Orthopaedics is still an indispensable element in the Distrac organisation. After more than twenty years of evolution, Distrac Group now stands before you, one of the most important players in the Belgian healthcare sector.

The secret lies in the quality of the products that all employees in the healthcare sector enjoy using. This allows them to focus on their main task without any worries. In any case, the care and comfort of the patient is central. In the healthcare sector, it is especially important to listen to the needs of the customers and thus offer the perfect solution.

A few years later, Distrac Group first came into contact with the Tempur brand, a major player in the field of mattresses in hospitals. Thanks to these products, many doors opened for Distrac Group. For the first time, extra attention was paid to bedsores in hospitals, also known as decubitus. Since then, Distrac Group has taken its task of raising awareness of bedsores very seriously. Always striving for the best quality and care for the patient.

After Tempur, the next step was quickly taken. Distrac Group looked to Stiegelmeyer as an official partner in offering nursing, hospital and home care beds. Together they think of new and innovative solutions for the healthcare sector.

All these partnerships were by no means the only ones. The marriage between Distrac and Salens ensures that Distrac Group has the total concept for the healthcare sector in house. The complete package, at one address.

In the meantime, Distrac Group offers care concepts including Tempur, Stiegelmeyer, Burmeier, Salens, Brunner, Navailles,…


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